Transmission Relocation Survey Specifications


Three surveys will be required to process your request. Your initial application should include a certified boundary survey including all of the information listed below. Once your application has been approved, certified surveys/sketch and descriptions will be required to finalize your request.


A.    Your certified boundary survey should depict the parent tract, the current transmission right of way, the proposed transmission right of way, adjacent road right of way and any lands in the right of way subject to a city or county dedication, if applicable. Please include the following on your survey:



B.     The following surveys will be required once your request has been approved and a Duke Energy engineer has determined the width of the new easement area:



All sketch and descriptions should be prepared on 8 x 11 inch or 8 x 14 inch paper, suitable for recording and include a North arrow, Section, Township, Range and County.


If proposed improvements are located within the easement area, please refer to our Transmission Right of Way Use Guidelines for further instructions.